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Forecast for United States 2007

In 2007, the United States would encounter a series of major troubles that involve the conflict of interest among different political parties. The U.S. government would be in an inferior position in the beginning.

The Trigram that represents the luck of the U.S. in 2007 is Kun, this time with the third stroke changed from last year. Those familiar with I-Ching, or the Book of Changes, can tell the third stroke of a trigram represents danger. It implies internal struggle and conflicts which would surely happen to the U.S. On top of that, its trigram also shows the least compatible / desirable combination: a Kun trigram with hidden Shi and Bo trigrams. Shi represents warfare and confrontations. Bo means an erosion of territory or authority, leaving only the bare essentials.

As a democratic nation with an extensive territory, there are demonstrations in the various scales in the U.S. every day. It is a sign of human rights. Yet, a trigram representing its luck of the year seldom refers to things that happen habitually. In other words, the ”„internal conflicts”¦ as foretold by the trigram refers to something more substantial that civilized demonstration.

Here are the two key trends in the U.S. in 2007: 1. The conflicts between different groups of its people and the uneven distribution of resources have accumulated grievances.

Those problems finally escalate to the point where its people have to take a more violent approach.

2. The hidden enemies of the U.S. would turn the country upside down with shady manipulations.

Yet, no matter what happens, the Americans would live on as usual.

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