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What does he/she like and dislike?

Aries people like being accepted and liked by others, as well as the finest wines, personalized license plates, lots of cash to throw around, new fashions, flowers, exotic cuisine with interesting garnishes, personalized presents in general, gifts wrapped in intriguing packages, books, and sparkling gems of every color in the rainbow, particularly those worth a lot of money.

Aries people dislike being unnoticed and ignored, physical restrictions, being placed last instead of first in any assessment of physical or mental prowess, being hungry, anyone who does better than they do at a given task, old stuff that are worn and shabby, used stuff, having to wait for anything they feel is theirs by right of conquest, and bland dishes served in an tasteless manner.

Taurus people like soft, sensual surfaces, sensual joys of all kinds, a nice bank balance and other forms of financial security, assurance and well versed routines, presents of value attractively wrapped and promptly delivered, enjoying the moment of pleasure after a nice meal however before leaving the table, and in general doing the same thing over and over again.

Taurus people dislike being interrupted at any task since it disrupts their focus, change for its own sake, the disruption of their precious daily routines, lending stuffs to others and not getting them back in a punctual manner, being told to hurry up when they have manage their own pace for themselves according to a particular task, and sleeping in different beds in faraway towns while traveling.

Gemini people like being free to go around, the excitement of travel, talking phones, gadgets, fast food, acting as 'devil's advocate, ' doing more than a few things at once, knowledge, information, acting fast on decisions, diversity, novelty, change, company and being among people, pseudonyms, and getting to the bottom of things.

Gemini people dislike listening to never-ending complaints, regimentation and order, not fully understanding what is going on, wasting time, being kept waiting, making irrevocable commitments, being beaten at any sort of competition or game (even if it is only for leisure), fixed ideas not susceptible to their advice, and having to focus on only one thing for any long time.

Cancer people like anyone who loves his or her mom, sentimental and family keepsakes, gourmet cuisine, shopping trips, history, especially family genealogy, any expression of affection such as flowers, a warm birthday card on the accurate date, the company of others, a calm working atmosphere, and any kind of close and affectionate physical contact.

Cancer people dislike any little criticism of their homemaking techniques, having to deal a crisis by themselves with no support from their close friends and families, being stressed to take part in a conversation that they don not quite understand or do not concern about, anyone who refuses their cooking or simply does not appreciate it, and people who not remember important names and dates, like birthdays or anniversaries.

Leo people like physical activity, everything that assures pleasure, being innovative, receiving birthday cards, beautifully wrapped personalized presents, silks, satins, gold, receiving appreciation, an supportive audience, sincere compliments, kids and pets, unusual food and innovative recipes, exotic drinks, luxury furnishings, and high quality fashions.

Leo people dislike physical pain or damage of any kind, inactive or indoor activities that don not engage muscular exertion, being blatantly ignored or having their idea discounted, being upstaged, dishonesty and deceit of any sort, being laughed at or made fun of in front of people and being told something they don not understand at an inopportune moment.

Virgo people like making lists, they usually have a well-stocked medicine cabinet, self-improvement lessons, promptness, mimicking others, grooming themselves, taking showers, using perfume soaps, dealing with details (no matter how minor or unimportant), little animals, helping others, and wearing nice-tailored clothes in muted colors and textures.

Virgos dislike crowds and noise, brash and unruly people, improper languages, vulgarity, slovenliness, unclean surfaces, people who whine and complain often, sitting still for a long period of time while doing nothing productive, disrupted schedules, lids left off boxes, tops off toothpaste, being constrained to others, people who move their belongings about, hypocrisy and deceit, any recognition of weakness or failure, and sharp primary colors.

Libra people like pleasing environment, receiving notes and flowers, a good debate, being fussed over, being adored, people running errands for them, credit cards, having people surrounding them, concerning to smallest and most minute of details, being of service to others, soft and sensible tailored clothes of all designs and sizes, and muted or subtle colors and textures.

Libra people dislike loud arguments, confusion or confusing situations, sloppiness (especially in front of people), ugly or irritating situations or places, being pressured to rush in making decisions, being told it is up to them to make a different in the way that they conduct their life, and any negative comment of their chosen lover or project of the moment, whatever it is.

Scorpio people like strenuous action in the service of a good idea or strong emotion, the unraveling of mysteries (or create their mysteries in return), secrets whether known to them or unknown to them, winning at any price, being recognized the undisputed champion of anything, and the comfort of their own premises.

Scorpio people dislike being examined or pigeonholed in any way by people (whether a professional psychoanalyst or just an armchair amateur), being asked personal questions about sensitive subjects, people who understand more than them about any subject, new acquaintance who offer too many compliments at one time, and having to trust a unfamiliar person with anything that they consider important enough to keep secure.

Sagittarius people like limitless freedom of action to do what they like, alternative or unusual ideas, being on the move constantly, plentiful food and drink, fragrance and beauty aids of any sort, gambling, raffles and lotteries of all sorts (the more chancy the better), loud parties with many of new and interesting people, and recreational flirting with those aforementioned people.

Sagittarius people dislike the disapproval of other people, making promises that they might not be able to keep in the end, being too safe, secure, or confined, administrative details or repeating routines of any kind that keep them tied down or penned in, tight outfits that tighten their freedom of movement, and above all having their basic honesty doubted by other people for any unmerited reason.

Capricorn people like hot, simple food, antiques, history, tasks and responsibilities, not being pressured by other people, having plenty of unconditional love and support, lots of personal privacy and 'only me time, ' that which is considered as the best of all, membership of an exclusive club, home and family, personalized presents, new books, and expensive gemstones .

Capricorn people dislike untidiness and disorder of all sorts, being teased in front of people (even though in good humor or among friends), humdrum familiarity with their immediate environment or surroundings, surprises (no matter how beneficial), new concepts or approaches to old problems, loneliness, being made to feel useless or incompetent, and being embarrassed in front of people.

Aquarius people like fame and recognition from public, thinking about themselves and their personal goals, personal privacy, dreams, rainbows, magic, change for its own sake, eccentricity, surprises, credit cards, ordering others what needs to be done and then examination them get on with it, weird friends and acquaintances, and living within their means regardless the temptations which constantly surround them every conscious moment.

Aquarius people dislike emotion and intimacy, people who show off often and try to be the center of attention, being pinned down in anyhow, being taken for granted, any kind of hard selling talk, violence and fighting, lending to or borrowing money from other people, respect for conventional authority, revealing their own ulterior motives to other people, and senseless or purposeless extravagance of any kind.

Pisces people like seafood, champagne, organic foods of all types, romantic places, sunsets on the beach, mountain vistas, ponds, waterfalls, and water lilies, background music, poetry, people who require their kindness and understanding, mystical settings, incense, candles, being unconditionally loved and needed, freedom to drift along from time to time, and their own uninterrupted personal privacy.

Pisces people dislike noisy, bright, crowded places, being told to get a grip on things and to stop being so absent-minded, stiff or restrictive outfits, all forms of legally constituted authorities command them how to behave, and the wrong people knowing too much about their privacies.