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Name your Child

Everyone is recognized and called by his/her name. Now imagine the situation "what will happen if nobody has any name and we need to talk about someone in front of others." Name has an essential place in the life of a person and gradually, it rules over the entire personality of the individual. Name is a necessity and an important tool to live in this society. Every person will notice that his/her name if his is called by the native self, relatives, friends and other people.

In Hindu culture from ancient times, the babies are given a name by his/her parents with the name which have profound meaning and start with first alphabet of his/her Nakshatra. These names are either related to God or other fortune meanings. By simply knowing the name of a person one can judge about the nature of the person. The major reason to select a name based on Nakshatra is that it vibrates in accord with the nature of the individual in this specific incarnation, by virtue of its unique relation to the moon at the instant of birth, which has a important impact on the inner, emotional nature. Along with traditional astrologers, among the most favorable Hindu first names begin the syllables that match with one's birth star, called Nakshatra that is the constellation with which the moon was aligned at the birth moment. In ancient time, as today, this first sound of the first name was very important to knowledgeable preceptors.