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Dream Magic - How To Make It Happen

You can definitely bring true love into your life, new friends, a better career, more wealth, and financial opportunities; resolve your life's problems and a lot more. It can in fact help you completely change your self image through a personal transformation once you know how to function in the secret and magical world you enter each time you sleep.

You do not need to spend a cent, no medicines or special dietary products, electronic gadgets or other equipment, you do not have to bond to any cult group nor participate in charity, and no periodical subscription neither. The only thing you need is YOU yourself only and an intensely felt and sincere desire to cause your life for change and to attract into your life those things you truly desire. On the other hand, it does require input from you, you must FOCUS and have the PATIENCE to persevere. It is also essential for you to TRUST that this magnificent process works as that is one of the main elements in achieving results. If you do not trust it in the beginning, you will trust it when you experience first rewarding and exciting success with it.

Here are the 5 Easy steps below. Follow the steps to change your life and attract true love, happiness, friendships and plenty more!

Step 1: What do you really want? Decide what you want in the simplest words, something that can be illustrated with the smallest amount number of words. Try to keep it less than 6 or 7 words if you can. For instance: You want to meet a companion or lover. Then you can say; "I am meeting someone nice", "I am getting a permanent relationship."; "I am marrying to someone nice". Beware that these sentences are in present tense or present continuous tense instead on future tense.

Do not create a laundry list resume of what you desire, such as; I want a basketball hero, with a bachelor degree, must be from Harvard, must have a ranch in Virginia, must come from a rich family background. You should keep it short and to the basic inner emotional feeling that you can describe in the least words possible. And you can just let the spiritual channel fill in the details. The higher realm understands what you desire better than yourself.

Step 2: Turn it over! Right before falling asleep each and every night, you should sit on the edge of your bed for just a moment to collect the emotional feeling of what you desire to appear in your life or out of it. If you are looking for a mate, imagine the emotion when the mate is there already for you, your emotions and happiness of achieving your desired object. You do not need to picture what the person's appearance or what you will do or talk. That is not important at this point and interferes with the feeling emotions of your desire. You should just create the emotion of happiness you would feel at upon achieving what you are looking for. Then, with your imagination, put this happy emotion in a little bubble and blow the bubble away so it will enter the divine. At this stage you do not need have to 'hang on to your desire'. You are 'turning it over' to the greater reality beyond your understanding where it can be processed appropriately. Now you can go to sleep.

Step 3: Patience and Perseverance. Continue the nightly practice of 'turning over your desire' right before you go to sleep. If you miss a day, don't worry, but begin again. Never give up! Practice it every night until your desire becomes your reality. You will not know exactly how long your desire will be realized. For the person, it can be one night. For the person who waited a year, it did not matter since when her desire was realized, the time she spent patiently and persistently 'turning it over' every night became a moot concern. This step should not be over-emphasized. It separates from those who truly desire something and those who are just so-so interested.

Step 4: Trust! Trust that will happen! For the beginner, you must trust that the spiritual world can assist you in your desires and requests. But, you only need to trust until you have your first successful experience, then you no longer have to trust, because you will KNOW. When you know that something extraordinary happens, you no longer need to trust that it works, simply because you KNOW that it works. For instance, if I tell someone who has never tasted candy what candy actually tastes sweet, they would have to trust me. They have to trust me since they never had the chance to taste candy and do not know what sweetness is. Nevertheless, when they get to taste candy for themselves, they do not need to trust me about sweetness, they will know for themselves and hence trusting me is not necessary any more. That is how the Dream Magic works for you too, once you have experienced it yourself, you will KNOW what it is. And knowing is better than trusting.

Step 5: Change and Do. The universe is changing every second. The stars and galaxies are becoming farther apart because of the expansion of the universe. New Sun stars are born, while some others burn out, things are changing constantly. You need to make some little changes too. They do not have to be radical changes like getting a full body tattoo or dying your hair green and purple, but make some small changes as a signal to the universe that you are ready to change. What can you do? You can change your daily routine; instead of - wake up; breakfast, drive 30mins to work, then work, then eat lunch; Get off from work; stop at the grocery store, cook dinner, watch TV, read a little; then go to bed; next day start all over. Try something new like: first wake up; have coffee at a Starbucks; hitch a ride or take your friend to work; talk to someone you never talked to, after all you can make a new friend; you can eat lunch out at a different restaurant; finish work, go to a different grocery store, maybe a whole Oriental food supermarket or organic type; instead of watching TV, you can go to bookstore, swimming pool; beach; mall; bowling.

You can change your style of fashion or get something different than before; maybe its sandals, new hair color or change your colorist or hairdresser. You never go to the theater or a music concert? Then do that! If you are invited to meet someone new or do something different, do it! Come across some little things to change in your usual life. Why? Because that lets you to 'shake' and 'move your routine so the spiritual 'shakers' and 'movers' will be able to find more chances for you to intersect with a 'coincidence' that should turn out to be the reply to your desire.