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Chinese Astrology-Energy comes into the Mouth and Nose of your house
The door of your home is like one's mouth and the window is like one's nose.

These openings take in 'chi' (In Chinese, it means energy) from our surroundings. And these openings let both good and bad energy into our premise depending on the condition of the outside environment.

If the positive 'yang chi' enters your home, you would enjoy good Feng Shui which could bring goof future prospects, good reputation, better physical condition and many other benefits. However if the destructive 'chi' enters one's house, the Feng Shui of the premise would be polluted which will lead to disharmony, gossips and rumors and may even influence one's health referring to the astrology theory of Chinese astrology

Some tips that we could use to encourage good 'chi' (a Chinese term) to enter our doors

  • Keep entrance of your home clean, neat and free of smell-Chinese Fung Shui
  • Ensure the door way has no clutter and have no blockage from entering the door-Chinese Fung Shui
  • Avoid putting too many shoes / slippers right outside the door-Chinese Fung Shui
  • If you have green fingers, you can put some lively green plants outside the door since plants would produce 'yang chi' into the house. Make sure they are not obstructing to walking-Chinese Fung Shui

As for windows-Chinese Fung Shui

  • Curtains or blinds should be clean-Chinese Fung Shui
  • For homes: avoid using dim color such as black, dark blue and dark grey colors for curtains or blinds because these colors are symbols of sorrow-Chinese feng Shui
  • Avoid clutters around your windows-Chinese Fung Shui
  • Open up your window sometimes to allow fresh air to fill up your space-Chinese Fung Shui

Also, it is extremely important in Chinese Astrology to clean up window panels and doors during spring cleaning which would invite auspicious 'chi' to go into your home. Look out for the 2008 Year of Rat Feng Shui in our website!

May you and your family enjoy the breeze of good fortune!

Master Fung, specialist in Chinese Astrology