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Crystals, Gemstones, Myth and Magic-Astrology

These glittery mineral stones have a magical power given them by people since Neolithic times. In those ancient times of human culture they were used as god images, amulets, and charms. The Egyptians used them in their secret funeral ceremonies and in some of their magical cult applications. They assigned symbolic power meanings to them that apply the stones a value that went beyond their simple mineral origins. The meanings came with them were for health, wealth, guardians in life and the afterlife, and good fortune, just to state a few.

Throughout the past precious stones have held a mystical power over royalty and the public alike who valued both their beauty and the symbolic power meanings they stood for. They contain a unique quality that inspires some individuals to go beyond their own human capacities and limitations
by giving them with an esoteric power that they believe function on their behalf.

Science and today's psychology has begun to observe about the power of the psyche. They recognize that the brain has powers that far more than its simple material composition in its capacity to create its own reality.

Joseph Campbell, perhaps the most noted mythologist in history, published a book named "The Power of Myth" in which he specifies how myth and the belief in it which brings about the reality. At times myth is much more powerful that the reality it lives in. There is more to myth than just something some skeptics labeled as unfounded belief or impractical thoughts. There is the reality that come outs from something that was formerly unreal and quaintly imagined.

This is the role that the myths play in the human equation. By becoming the focus of a myth that can be taken into real life, they give the human with a device that can be employed for just such a purpose. Use them as an amulet, charm, or token that can be the focus. The human spirit assigns it psychic power that in fact brings about the sought after reality.