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Chinese Horoscope Forecast

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Welcome to the Year of Earth Dog (16 February 2018 to 4 February 2019)!
Get your forecast for the 2018 Lunar Year of Dog
for your Zodiac Animal sign!

Chinese horoscopes are composed with
12 Animals:
Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox and Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster.

Your birthday:

Overview Forecast of Dragon in 2018 Earth Dog Year

Your sign is Dragon.

Famous Dragon:
Keanu Reeves, Vladimir Putin, Bruce Lee, Louisa May Alcott, Maya Angelou, Lord Archer, Joan Baez, Count Basie, Pat Benatar, Maeve Binchy, Sandra Bullock, Julie Christie, James Coburn, Courteney Cox, Bing Crosby, Russel Crowe, Roald Dahl, Salvador Dali, Charles Darwin, Neil Diamond, Bo Diddley, Matt Dillon, Chrisitan Dior

How the Dragon fares:

Dragon is a mysterious, emotional, energetic, majestic and intelligent creature. In Chinese zodiacs, Dragon and Dog have fighting relationship. If your Chinese zodiac is Dragon, in 2018, your luck will be seriously tested and you will experience ups and downs in all aspects. The inauspicious star will lead to financial losses and obstacles in career, so your luck for wealth will be unfavorable. To get through the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 without too many scratches, you must remember that positivity is the key to success, try and maintain warm relationships with your associates at the workplace. The Dragon must learn to moderate your indomitable pride and your somewhat thickheaded character, you might take the initiative to change, break the convention and make efforts on innovation, which will naturally minimize the adverse impacts of bad luck.

Finance Make sure that you spend money cautiously in 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog, you should cut down expenditures and avoid premature consumptions. When it comes to investment, you’d better keep away from the high-interest and high-risk products or investments. During the cycle of Dog, your income will be limited, if you try to only work hard to earn the salary. However, there is no need to let recent financial expenditure cause worry, for one will be able to recover some of the outgoings within a very short period.

Love and Relationship If you’re a single heart, look for Chicken or Rabbit first, you may find somebody fitting you, around Chicken or Rabbit people. If your heart is taken and there is a problem in your love, you'd better be careful to maintain the relationship, or a dispute may lead to breakup. You married Dragons may dispute or have a cold war with your love because of trivial matter. Beware not to let things degenerate. Try and remain as close as possible to your family and friends and spend as much time as possible with them.

Career Taking extra risk at the workplace can prove to be beneficial for you, but to get that benefit you have to work very hard. For those in business, one is likely to secure or finalize some deals that have been in the pipeline for sometime. From a professional point of view, it seems unnecessary to continue to insist on devoting yourself to projects that don't work and which would take too much time and investment to take off.

Overview Forecast of 2018 Earth Dog Year in General

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year 2018 (CNY 2018) begins on February 16, 2018 and this prediction is valid for 2018 starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019.

Since the ancient times, Chinese zodiac has been an essential part of Chinese traditional culture. It was laid down by the Han Dynasty, and the relationship between humans and animals were discovered. Out of the 12 animal signs, every year corresponds to a particular animal in the Chinese horoscope. Chinese astrology also lays that each zodiac year corresponds to one of the five elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth).

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. Dog is the 11th animal in 12 zodiac signs. It is considered as a loyal and wild symbol in Chinese traditional culture. That implies you might encounter some obstacles before executing your plan in 2018, so the 12 Chinese zodiac signs must use your wisdom to remove the blockage first in 2018 and show tolerance and empathy to the people they meet to preserve their karmic balance, especially if they wish to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Remember that the primary element of the sign of the Dog is the Earth element, followed by secondary forces provided by Fire and Metal. According to the precepts of Wu Xing and the creative cycle of the 5 elements of Chinese astrology, Earth creates Metal. That means the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 is a good time for lifestyle changes(time to quit smoking or change residence) and for the start of new business ventures. However, the money can only come to those who decide to choose honesty and fairness in their dealings. In order to gain in joyful fulfillment throughout the year, it’s auspicious to show solidarity and brotherhood, so that the noble and vigorous righteousness of the Earth Dog got converted into material and spiritual wealth.