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Chinese Horoscope Forecast

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Welcome to the Year of Fire Monkey (8 February 2016 to 27 January 2017)!
Get your forecast for the 2016 Lunar Year of Monkey
for your Zodiac Animal sign!

Chinese horoscopes are composed with
12 Animals:
Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox and Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat.

Your birthday:

Overview Forecast of Ox in 2016 Fire Monkey Year

Your sign is Ox.

Famous Ox:
Richard Gere, Wayne Rooney, George Clooney, Andy Lau, Robert Altman, Hans Christian Andersen, Johann Sebastian Bach, Warren Betatty, Napoleon Banaparte, Albert Camus, Jim Carrey, Barbara Cartland, Charlie Chaplin, Melanie Chisholm,

How the Ox fares:

A rewarding year lies ahead for the Ox Zodiac! With the radiance of (YUE DE) Star of Kindness, your career and study will progress smoothly with the help of the benefactors. Instead of trying to do too many things without plan, you should stay focus on a few important goals if you want to achieve financial success in your career. A senior person will be helpful in completing your targets and in solving your personal issues. Oxen tend to take shortcuts in life which may lead to legal complications. It is imperative that you should follow a right path while enhancing your career prospects.

In financial view, you should keep a humble mindset and slave on, success is achievable. Besides that, maintaining a good personality shall boost up your wealth. You have to examine your expenses and cut down avoidable expenditure while determine your monetary objectives. This will be of great assistance for the future. You will reap rewards with your investment, but do be mindful of your limits in order to avoid monetary losses.

The presence of (SI FU) Illness Star and (XIAO HAO) Indulgence Star denotes injuries and sickness; you should avoid rigorous exercise during the period between September to November 2016. Your energy level will be high and you will be using it judiciously throughout the year. This in turn will add to your physical energy. You should pay sufficient attention to your social life and take enough breaks to enjoy during your holiday in the companionship of your family and friends. Life may be hectic during the middle of 2016 and the Ox should relax well to avoid being stressed out.

In Ox’s relationship prospect, this is a suitable year for marriage and having children. Single Ox shall meet you ideal partner and enjoy romance and passion within this year; married individuals should withstand external temptations. Hence, be faithful to your spouse. Your decisiveness will determine your love status, it is definitely beneficial, or else it would spell endless trouble to you. Spending more time with your partner will make your love life more passionate. If you are newly in a relationship, do understand each other well and should not be in a hurry to tie the knot. Patient and understanding is the key for relationship to last long.

To summarize, 2016 will be an emotional and happening year. This period is favorable for you, so make the most out of it!

Overview Forecast of 2016 Fire Monkey Year in General

The Chinese Astrology (SHENG XIAO) is also known as Chinese Zodiac or circle of animals. Each animal represents one year. The 12 animals in order are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. People tend to believe that each zodiac sign have certain personality characteristics corresponding to the animal. Based on the Chinese zodiac, the 12 animal signs can be divided into 4 different categories. Rats, Dragon and Monkey are allocated to the first group while Ox, Snake and Rooster will be the second. The third group includes Tiger, Horse and dog and the last group will be Rabbit, Goat and Pig. The animals which fall under the same categories will live pleasantly, understand each other and bring better luck to each other.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the year of Fire Monkey. Therefore, Red will be the lucky color throughout the year. The positive and spontaneous energy of Fire meets Monkey's blissful, curious, and imaginative nature. Based on the first group that we had mentioned earlier which include Monkey, Rat and Dragon basically might clash with the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) and several unlucky stars.

Apart from this, opportunities and encouragement are everywhere. To reach your dream in the year that full of energy and sparks, detailed planning is very important in order to get closer to success. Be prepared to dream big, set you goals and work harder. Get out your comfort zone and start making new friends, the more willing you put yourself out there, the greater your reward will be. If you summon the imagination to dream with bravery and to believe in those dreams, you will see breakthroughs that benefit you and everyone around you.

In the year of 2016, family loyalty may be significant. Be generous with your affection and spend more times with your love ones. Communication is the key to get closer to the person you love. Laughter, friendship and love will be the medicine for your soul.

General speaking, based on the astrological situation, it brings hope that, in year 2016 will be a sparkling bright and mesmerizing time, filled with large-scale and remarkable events. Each of us will be able to gain something in the unrelenting cycle of the universe; something that we will reflect upon within ourselves with profound and zealous light.

Let's take a peek at what is waiting ahead for you in the upcoming year of 2016.