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Welcome to the Year of Wood Horse (31 January 2014 to 19 February 2015)!
Get your forecast for the 2014 Lunar Year of Horse
for your Zodiac Animal sign!

Chinese horoscopes are composed with
12 Animals:
Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox and Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake.

Your birthday:

Overview Forecast of Goat in 2014 Wood Horse Year

Your sign is Goat.

Famous Goat:
Bill Gates, Michael Owen, Chow Yun Fat, Barbara Walters, Harry Connick Jr. , Jane Austen, John Denver, Julia Roberts, Lord Byron,Mark Twain ,Mel Gibson, Michelangelo, Robert De Niro, Nichole Kidman

How the Goat fares:
Will you look at this! Not a single unfavorable month this year. Even the Ox, doing its worst, can only drag you down to neutral. Fact is the Horse is the Yang to your Yin. I know it's strange. You've almost nothing in common with Horse style and yet, you click. You fit together as snugly as puzzle pieces. Here's the trick. This is the time to let your hair down. Be a little more adventurous than normal. Party a little more. Hit the fitness center after work. Take a little risk every now and then. Did you notice me repeating the word little? You see I'm not suggesting you change who you are. I'm saying hop on that Horse once in a while - for a little ride. You're not galloping off into the sunset. You're just out for a little jaunt. Experience what Horse life is like, for a little bit. Then come back to the safety and security of your Sheep/Goat style. Be you.

Overview Forecast of 2014 Wood Horse Year in General

You know, the Horse doesn't have the cache of the Dragon and Snake, but guess what? It's a very special sign in its own right. Look to the heavens. The sun reaches its highest point in the sky at noon. This just happens to be the midpoint of the Hour of the Horse. Maybe it's this connection with Tai Yang (sun in Chinese) that has led to the Horse being designated as the sign representing Yang, or male energy, one of the two primal forces of the universe. Wow! One more please. It's time to give thanks. Of the five elements Wood is the most favorable for the Horse. Bingo! It's a Wood year. This is good for Luck in general. Don't be afraid to take chances. The timing is right. Then again you should know the Horse tends to be a leap before look sign. So you do want to think it through first. But then don't hesitate.

I know. This has been kind of general. Not to worry. There are plenty of areas we can look to for opportunities. And there will be lots of them this year. So be bold. Here's where I'm going to put my focus: Travel, the outdoors, fitness, and socializing.

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